Monday, May 23, 2005

Finally! The End of the Jedi Journey...or Is It?

So we (Debbie, Jeremy, Adam, Tim, and myself) finally went to see the 3rd and final episode (I hope) of the star wars double trilogy. FINALLY!! Good gravy I thought it would never end! Not that I minded the movies, overall I think they will be great legendary pieces of film making. Definitely one for the ages but for now I am glad they are over...or are they?

Well lets see, the film will be on screens world wide for awhile, right. then you have all the franchise marketing going around (Burger King, toymakers, etc.) and then if they play it like the LOTR trilogy, they will release the Episode III DVD, then after 3-6 months they would release the UNCUT, DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY, BEHIND THE SCENES, BLA BLA OOBER COOL SPECIAL EDITION trilogy, which would include Episodes I-III all in a cool aluminum or special cardboard cover/sleeve all for the considerate $80-$100 tag. And then, if they really wanna out do the others, they would go ahead wait another 3-6 months and put the ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA ULTRA SPECIAL EDITION with BOTH trilogies on it in consecutive order and put that in gold-plated casing and sell that for Lord knows how much.

So is the whole Star Wars thing really over then? I'm confused...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Check out my Niece!

Just wanted to post this link so ya'll can see my cute little niece. laters...


Already Got Writer's Block!!

Ok so now I realize why I was skeptical of starting a blog. I get writer's block, I completely don't have a clue what I should write about. Then to top it off, this last week has been an emotional roller coaster for many friends of mine.

What's in my heart right now is the Whaley family (click here for story) as well as a church friend and her family. This last week these two families have lost loved ones and both of their backgrounds and stories are pretty heart wrenching. Please pray for these families. The Whaleys have lost their newborn baby son and the Carbajals lost their 15 yr old girl.

On top of those events, while visiting the Carbajal family and leaving some food for them, there was a hit and run right outside their house. This poor guy was going to pick up his date on his way to prom. Even though I didn't feel too bad about his truck being a little broken (cuz it looked like butt with fake spinners and blue flame vinyl on silver background) I felt awful for this poor kid just trying to have a good time towards the end of his school year.

Hopefully this week will be a little more normal (finger crossed). May the Lord bless you and Keep you.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Man U Sold Out

Ok so I decided to take a glance at today's news at and to my dismay I read one of the most discouraging things in recent soccer history. Manchester United has been (by a current 55% shareholding) bought out by an American ProSports investor. Not just any investor, but the owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Malcolm Glazer! WHAT?! (click here for story)

Dont get me wrong I don't mind an American owner for the greatest soccer franchise in this last decade, but the Bucs owner? I would almost prefer Jerry Jones over Glazer to own Manchester United. Does this guy even know what "Futbol" (not FOOTBALL...FUTBOL) is? Hopefully Manchester won't suffer the fate the Bucs have since their spoltlight moment back in '02-'03 season when they won the SB. God save the queen (and the Red Devils).

-Your Friendly Mexican Farmers Agent

Might as well

Well, it's 2005 I guess I may as well get caught up with one of those trends and start "blogging" my life stories away here. Hopefully I will be able to write at least every other day and update accordingly. My wife Debbie has been writing these things for some time now and other friends have been doing this for years apparently. I guess I just never saw the point of it .

so read up and I hope you reading.