Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm Still Alive

Ok, so it's been awhile, i know. But that happens sometimes right? Anyways, we (my lovely and I) just got back from a wonderful weekend getaway at Austin, TX and San Marcos, TX. We had a great time at Rick and Bethany's Wedding and decided we would stay a couple more days while we were there, you know. Now mind you i was unsure whether we should do this or not but i knew i owed it to Debbie for just putting up with me. Well here was the divine blessing.

When we went to pick up the rental car at Love field, the rental lady said that she needed to dump a convertible on us since we were only two people and they were short on 4 passanger vehicles. Mind you I was not inside when this transpired, I was actually in our car waiting and wondering, "What the heck can take so long to rent a stupid car." And just when i think it's debbie driving out, it turns out to be some black thug on his cellphone not paying attention to his surroundings (I HATE cellphone drivers!). Then here comes this convertible Chrysler out the lot and i think "Well that's definitely not her," and then the car drives up behind me and honks!. Holy crap what happened...uh-oh what did happen $$$. She went crazy and upgraded for 2x as much! She explained it to me when we got home that they were short and begged us to take it for no extra charge. I'm sure Debbie was coerced into this arrangement.

I did my research and stayed at a La Quinta Inn. Not too great but not roah motel either. But i did that so we could afford to eat very nice while we were there. While in Austin, we went to eat at a "gourmet" Italian restuarant for dinner with Jeff and Cindy Maya (Church friends) and for lunch the next day, we ate at this beautiful home-turned-into restaurant that served fancy american cuisine of sorts. very very good stuff. Then we went to spend some time at the Outlet Mall in San Marcos and that was fun too. For those that care and notice, we got Debbie an NIV version bible (Nathan). So now she can read out loud and not worry bout losing people in the process.

We also got to enjoy the fireworks display back in Las Colinas here in the MetroPlex with our friends. That was awesome, the Irving Symphony Orchestra was there and that was very nice too. We had debris fall on us while intoxicated by the sulfur aroma, too. Sorry Zach that you missed a lot of the fireworks!

But yeah, we had a great time and enjoyed our small 7-month anniversay get away. It was really supposed to be a 6-month but oh well. It was worth the wait, I hope (that's what she tells me at least). So till next time and hopefully it won't be that long. For those of you who want the girly version of this story, please refer to the Malaysian Treehouse blog link. Bye now.


Blogger Malaysian Debster said...

I had such a blast babe. You get more brownie points from me for such a lovely weekend. =)

July 05, 2005 1:10 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

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July 05, 2005 9:26 PM  
Blogger kysila said...

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July 05, 2005 10:07 PM  
Blogger kysila said...

Glad you and Debbie got to get away for a little while. Glad you didn't stay away from blogging world for too long! :)

July 05, 2005 10:24 PM  
Blogger The Future said...

I'm surprised Nathan has made us all get "The Message".

I actually wish I had my camera in line during the fireworks. I got to see them off the building behind me (reflection), which was very cool.

July 06, 2005 8:24 AM  

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