Saturday, August 20, 2005

Movie Thought

So the movie industry is in its lowest box office trend in a long time now right? So watch what idea i bumped into and think can help create renewed interest for people going mor often to the movies or something.

The idea started when i was watching the trailer piece for The Skeleton Key and the deep,raspy voiced narrator said "Everyone is talking about The Skeleton Key but no one is giving away how it ends." So i wondered how cool would it be to make a film and then have the alternate endings (like for the dvd editions) but instead of putting them on the dvds, actually have them distribute alternate endings to different theatres at random.

SO this how it would work... You have a movie like War of the Worlds with 5 different endings on it so essentially you would have 5 different movie versions on it. Then you would send them out at random to different places that way one group may see the movie and watch one ending of the movie and another group watch a different ending version at another location. How cool would that be?

Please feel free to post.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Method to the Madness

Aight, well here's the way it's rolling out now. When i started my business here and worked at it, my original plan was to open an office by the fall/winter of 2005. However, after my wedding and the beginning of 2005, i was not sure i would be able to pull that feat. Well, it seems I may be floating it whether i am ready or not. I am looking at opening an office in Frisco, TX! Things are not set in stone yet but here's the general location ideas... 121 and Preston Rd at Frisco, TX...121 and Coit at Frisco, TX...or W Spring Creek and Custer. I am posting this blog asking for prayers from my friends. My goal was to open office this year and i am excited that this opportunity is here but i am obviously nervous for fear that i may be moving too fast on this opportunity.

please pray for me as i embark on such an important decision of my life and career and i also ask for prayers for wisdom and strength. I especially worry for Debbie because any decision i make will obviously affect Debbie too. The plan would be to share about 1,000 sq ft with another agent for some time and then once we outgrow our space one of us would move on to a nearby area office. I just want the Lord to tell me whether my time is now and for me to work towards it or not to worry and wait for the next opportunity. Thank you guys for all your friendship and love. Que Dios me los Bendiga a Todos. Hasta Luego

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Blonde Moment Brought to You by Debbie

My wife will probably kill me after I share this but I have to becuase it is way too funny to pass up. Last Saturday we were on our way to Frisco, TX to see the new IKEA store (go to Debbie's blog to read all about it) but on the way we had to stop at my district office to pick up some paperwork and such. On the way out, we were making our way to the elevator. when we arrived there was an elevator that was closing up. Debbie, being the brave soul she is, runs to try and stop it and re-open the doors. Bless her heart but the problem was that the sensors were not detecting her and so all the doors would do was try to continue to close. The real problem was though that she was prying the doors, she did not extend her arm through the doors so the elevator would detect someone actually trying to go through. So she kept fighting the elevator and telling me, i got it i got it.

I pull her arms out of the way of the doors and started yelling about what in the world was she thinking trying to re-open the doors when they were practically shut. She said "I Almost had it." Yeah, i bet you would say that too when the doors close your hands shut! Psycho! So anyways, we laughed about that for a bit but then i guess the thought of her foolishness set in. So she was a little frustrated on our continued path towards IKEA. Oh well.

As for IKEA, that was nice i was very suprised by the quality and the prices they had to offer. I look forward to going there more often in the future. Ciao!