Thursday, September 08, 2005

Motherland doing its part...

Hector, my brother told me that Mexico was coordinating this but i didnt really think it would get any or much news coverage on it. Mexican President Vicente Fox called for the Mexican Red Cross and the military to coordinate a relief effort that includes a navy ship with vehicles and supplies into the gulf coast of LA. and a two part convoy which consists of medical professionals, food, mobile kitchens for feeding up to 7,000, supplies, and other goodies all packed into a 45 truck convoy. Guarded by MEX and USA people, the convoy is headed up to San Antonio crossing the border at Laredo, TX.

I am just excited to see that Mexico, a country that has had mixed relations with the USA for many reasons (including its border relations and its oil-supply relations) and a country clearly outmatched in regards to financial and military strength compared to the USA, can put all that aside and offer their help in the way they know best...through their people and their cooking! This is why i love my culture and my family roots. We may never be the richest country in the world but in our hearts always feel like we have something to give though it appears we have nothing to give.

I love the motherland, she makes me proud. Please continue to pray for the people affected by the hurricane. BIG UPS ALSO TO SUPER TED AND HIS AWESOME PICS. Also thanks for staying in one piece out there. Debbie and I were worried sick and praying for you while you were in harm's way.

Dios me los Bendiga a todos.


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